Advanced Skin Care



Dermaplaning - A collagen stimulating alternative to microdermabrasion provides immediate glowing results with no down time required.  This is a deep exfoliation process which enables all of your daily skin care products to work more effectively.   $95  Add a peel or a facial for ultimate results.   $135

Oncology Facial - Our detoxifying and super-hydrating facial is geared toward oncology clientele. We carefully select the products to help maintain and soothe the skin during radiation or chemotherapy.   $40

Chemical Peels - PCA peels are fabulous and recognized as the gold standard in the industry. Our peels target the specific problems of acne, age defense, sensitive skin and uneven pigment due to sun damage.   $90

Pigment Control - This special blend contains clinically proven ingredients to lighten all types of hyper - pigmentation. It diminishes age spots caused by sun damage.  $90

Detoxifying Deep Pore Treatment - The ideal facial for breakout prone skin. It penetrates pores to eliminate imperfections and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, purified and clear. This treatment is the perfect deep pore cleanse.   $115

Side-by-Side “Girlfriend Facials” – Seaside offers fun “girlfriend” facials that are given in a beautiful calming atmosphere on warm, cozy facial beds. We guide you to the facial that your skin needs and you just relax and enjoy your shared time with your best friend or husband.  Customize your experience with added massage.           *Price upon request